Dr. Hugh Aldridge

Consulting Vice President

Working with our partners to understand where they are and where they want to be is endlessly fascinating; helping them build the plan to achieve transformative results is very rewarding.


Hugh Aldridge, Consulting Vice President, specializes in corporate engagement. He was most recently Head of Development–Corporate at the University of Oxford, where he was responsible for increasing the breadth and depth of the University’s engagements with companies around the world.

Prior to his work at Oxford, Hugh was Director of Water & Cities at the University of California's Center for Information Technology Research in the Interests of Society. Based at the University of California, Berkeley, he supported research initiatives related to intelligent water supply management and “smart” cities.

Before moving to the San Francisco area in 2010, Hugh served as Director of Business Relations at the University of Manchester and, from 2006 to 2008, was Director of the Research & Enterprise Partnership at Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities in Wales. In both roles, Hugh worked closely with government and civic leaders, corporate executives, and academics to create, fund, and manage major research initiatives focused on capitalizing on the universities’ research capabilities in the interests of the local, regional, and national economies.

From 2000 to 2006, Hugh was Associate Director at the University of Cambridge’s Corporate Liaison Office  and a Director at the CMI (a government-funded partnership between the University of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Before moving to the higher education sector, Hugh worked at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories developing and managing the Labs’ key university partnerships as well as HP’s philanthropy programme in the UK and Ireland.

Hugh holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Birmingham and a PhD in zoology from Bristol University. He was a NATO Research Fellow at Carleton and York Universities in Canada from 1984 to 1987.

  • King’s College London
  • Prince’s Trust International
Areas of Expertise
  • Corporate Partnership Development
  • Strategic Facilitation
  • Strategic Planning

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