GG+A Webinar: Three Fundamentals of Compelling Proposals

Webinar: Three Fundamentals of Compelling Proposals

Originally broadcast on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Presented by:

Melinda Church, Senior Vice President
Ed Sevilla, Senior Vice President  

Click here for the slides and webinar recording.

Do your major gift proposals inspire your donors to take the next step? How can you improve proposal writing to make the sharpest, best claims for donor attention and action? Take your proposal writing skills to the next level by joining GG+A Strategic Communications consultants Melinda Church and Ed Sevilla as they discuss the fundamentals of crafting inspirational and compelling gift proposals. With the right proposal, you’ll help leverage the enthusiasm and passion of your institution’s best prospects and achieve remarkable outcomes.

We would like the opportunity to learn more about the communications challenges and opportunities you’re facing, and we invite you to contact us at mchurch@grenzglier.com and esevilla@grenzglier.com, or by calling (312) 372-4040.

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