Survey: Data confirms high levels of uncertainty on current fundraising operations

Unsurprisingly, there are high levels of concern and uncertainty across fundraising offices and the nonprofit sector in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, a survey by GG+A SurveyLab finds.

COVID-19 has had significant repercussions on fundraising with 79% of respondents reporting high impact on fundraising in the next 30 days, and more than half (51%) believing there will still be a high impact in 90 days. There is, however, more uncertainty with time, with 28% of responding organizations saying they don’t know what the impact will be in 90 days.

Other survey findings:
  • Uncertainty is also reflected in the willingness of respondents to estimate when their office will resume normal functioning: 56% say they don’t know, 28% say by May 1, and 16% report later than May 1.
  • Most organizations have canceled or postponed planned donor visits (60% canceled all or most), and events (76% canceled all, 18% canceled most). Solicitations fair only slightly better—43% of organizations have canceled most or all, 29% have canceled some, and only 3% have made no changes.

The downloadable report contains comparison tables by organization type.


In order to gain more information about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on fundraising operations, GG+A Survey Lab began a tracking survey of nonprofit fundraising offices on March 18 and collected data through March 22. The tracking survey will be conducted again on Thursday, March 26, with new data released on Monday, March 30. The survey will launch for at least the next four weeks in order to track changes in outlook over time.

To join the survey, email surveylab@grenzglier.com.


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Dan Lowman

Senior Vice President, Survey Lab

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