Erin Kennelly

Salesforce Analyst

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina


Erin Kennelly, Salesforce Analyst, applies her extensive experience in data management and Salesforce to helping create an increasingly more efficient business cycle at GG+A. In her role, she manages user training, configures and customizes Salesforce to meet business needs, and strives to help drive sales productivity for the GG+A team. Erin first became acquainted with CRMs as a Salesforce administrator at BDNA, a software solutions company specializing in enterprise data management. Joining the company as a data clean-up specialist, Erin learned she had a natural talent and curiosity for Salesforce, recognizing quickly the different organizational patterns necessary to maintain CRM data collection. In January 2016, she completed a Salesforce Administrative Certification Course and took over as BDNA's full-time administrator. She reconfigured and managed its CRM of 90+ users and trained staff on best practices for using Salesforce CRM, which increased sales productivity and accurate reporting.

Before she started at GG+A, Erin worked in event promotions at React Presents, where she managed team members as they delivered promotional products at concerts and music festivals around the Midwest. In this role, Erin experienced the more human side of business, learning how to best connect with and inform people while they’re engaged in a visceral concert experience.

Erin believes Salesforce, and programs like it, will usher in a future of clean data management and fluid business cycles. She has dedicated her career to making that future a reality.

Areas of Expertise
  • Data Quality Control
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Research
  • Sales Support Tools
  • Salesforce Administration
  • Salesforce Configuration & Customization
  • Team Leadership

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