Freddie Torres

Director of Sales for DonorScape®


Freddie Torres, Director of Sales for DonorScape®, leads the marketing and outreach for our current and prospective DonorScape® Wealth Screening clients. He has more than 20 years of experience in sales management, training, and process development. He also has special expertise in team building and collaboration methods, budget management and accounting, and CRM system implementation.

Freddie previously served as the Sales Manager for Jexet Technologies, Inc., where he oversaw development of sales processes, market strategy, and led implementation of the ConnectWise CRM system. During this time, he developed new product catalogs and offerings; created marketing campaigns designed to develop consistent leads; and worked with operations to create onboarding processes.

Prior to this role, he served as the Director of Marketing, Corporate Relations & Program Development, at the United Neighborhood Organization. In this position, he launched a new Corporate Leadership Program and assisted in developing early childhood education and workforce development program and workshops.

Through independent consultant and volunteer work, he has provided a development fundraising plan for the youth health advocacy and assistance firm, Aunt Martha’s; created a sales plan and CRM for Lopez Martin and Associates; and co-founded the National Hispanic Sales Network, assisting in hosting 50 events and in personally training and leading seminars and workshops.

Freddie has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Texas State University.

Areas of Expertise
  • Budget Management
  • Collaboration
  • Sales Strategies
  • Training Programs

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