Jeff Bradley

Consulting Vice President

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Jeff Bradley, Vice President, Advancement Communications, brings to advancement writing a deep knowledge of the higher education community, which comes from both teaching and fundraising, combined with a journalist’s skill in conducting research. He seeks to capture the voice of an institution and use it to inspire and motivate people to give.

Jeff grew up in the storytelling region of the Southern Appalachians. He began his writing career as a part-time correspondent for The New York Times, Time, and Newsweek, reporting on environmental issues and business topics and writing feature stories about Tennessee.

In 1979, Jeff was invited to join the Expository Writing Program at Harvard University, where he taught first-year students for eight years, dissuading hundreds of them from their notion that the five-paragraph essay was the epitome of Western literature.  In 1986, he joined the Harvard Development Office as the senior writer, penning annual fundraising letters to his former students, many of whom were on their way to becoming major donors. After three years of learning the craft, Jeff became a freelance development writer specializing in campaign case statements and supporting materials for colleges, museums, independent schools, and medical centers.

Jeff has written more than 60 case statements for clients extending from Brisbane, Australia, to Cambridge in the United Kingdom. His clients have included the University of Chicago, King’s College (UK), University of Delaware, Durham University (UK), University of Georgia, The Johns Hopkins University, various schools of The George Washington University, and the Karachi School for Business & Leadership. He has written for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Asia Society, and the Phillips Collection, as well as for The Lawrenceville School, the Shipley School, and Christ School. In the performing arts world, he has written for the Atlanta Ballet and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In healthcare, Jeff has composed campaign materials for the Cleveland Clinic, the American Cancer Society, Loma Linda University Health, and the medical school of the University of Chicago.

Jeff worked for three years as the manager of development communications for National Jewish Health, a medical and research center in Denver. He has also written six nonfiction books.

Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

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