The Challenge

In preparation for the launch of its next major campaign, Drexel University enlisted GG+A to help determine campaign readiness by gauging the enthusiasm and commitment of key stakeholders, identifying potential volunteer leaders, devising strategies for navigating potential obstacles, and providing recommendations on the campaign goal. Drexel also sought to enhance stakeholder relationships and raise awareness around fundraising efforts.

Our Approach

GG+A conducted one-on-one interviews with select Drexel constituents, including Trustees, alumni, and faculty. These interviews were structured to elicit candid, confidential impressions of the University’s programs, reputation, and fundraising potential and priorities. GG+A also assessed each interviewee’s personal philanthropic priorities and interest in the proposed campaign’s objectives. The interviews served to engage key members of the Drexel community and prompted increased enthusiasm for campaign activities.

Through analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data, GG+A’s final report presented a clear view of the University’s position relative to the proposed campaign. It confirmed Drexel’s positive reputation among its constituents, and made recommendations for strategies to increase engagement and clearly communicate the University’s objectives among these stakeholders, especially volunteers.

The Results

GG+A delivered the study report to Drexel University in September 2016, and the firm continues to consult on the University’s ongoing campaign preparations.