University of Melbourne

Nick Blinco, Vice Principal (Advancement)



“GG+A is globally-respected, trusted, and data informed. They are rigorously evidence-based which is what my team and our university leadership want and need. We might not like all we are told but we know that it stands review and scrutiny.

We have a partnership where they challenge us to think differently. In a time of challenge and change GG+A has given us a front foot advantage and helped us to focus on opportunities and the future.”



University of Dayton

Jen Howe, VP for University Advancement


“There was a pivotal moment. The consultants conducted a two-day session with our board regarding a comprehensive campaign. They helped educate and elevate our board’s understanding. The body language and even the attire contributed to the sense they cared and had come to feel strongly about the University of Dayton. There was a genuineness about them.”


Georgia State University

Walter Massey, VP Development and Alumni Affairs


“They captured the heart and soul of our institution. I’m ‘old school’ and use them in the traditional way.”


Johns Hopkins University

Fritz Schroeder, VP for Development and Alumni Relations


“GG+A strength is its ability to connect the best of the best. I don’t mean that just in the prestige of the institutions and certainly not just in the substance of the proposals their consultants write, but more in their ability to convene elite thinkers through their network. When I think of the firm, ‘Rigor’ really is a great word for them. They go beyond others to offer not just qualitative counsel, but highly developed quantitative foundations as well”.



Quinnipiac University

Todd Sloan, VP Development and Alumni Affairs


“Excellence in execution. Trust. Concierge service. Rigor is valid.”


Drexel University

David Unruh, Sr. VP of Institutional Advancement


“Vetting them as consultants, they showed a dramatic difference in their level of knowledge. They were thoughtful, insightful, and the team who pitched us was the team we got, unlike other firms.



University School Nashville

Anne Westfall, Director of Development


“Because they work with so many institutions, they always have a response with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We get our money’s worth.”


University of Virginia

Mark Luellen, Vice President for Advancement


“Needless to say, it (GG+A’s audit of the University of Virginia’s Advancement program) was a game changer for the University in how Advancement is funded and in our compounded philanthropic growth in the current campaign – it changed the narrative and the culture.”