Our work is grounded in data and information gathered from reliable, global resources. Below you’ll find our curated collection of articles about our clients’ fundraising efforts, as well as other philanthropy-related news and updates. Please check back regularly, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at kr@grenzglier.com if we can be of further assistance.

In addition to these articles, our consultants are offering their expertise through our thought leadership article and webinar series, “Pivot Forward,” which examines how philanthropy adjusted to the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

News, forecasts and insights


Digital maturity helps nonprofits thrive despite the pandemic (ZD Net, November 23, 2020)
Preparing for the Unknowns of Spring and Beyond – (National Association of Independent Schools, November 10, 2020)
COVID-19 Giving: Donors Aren’t Tapped Out Yet – (Philanthropy Roundtable, November 4, 2020)
How Fundraising is Faring at Big Charities – (The Chronicle of Philanthropy, October 28, 2020)
Nonprofits Weigh the Question of Staying Virtual Forever – (Nonprofit Quarterly, October 23, 2020)
Crisis Crystal Ball: The Future of Fundraising? – (Nonprofit Quarterly, October 12, 2020)
College Fundraisers are Increasingly Confident They’ll Meet Financial Targets – (The Chronicle of Philanthropy, October 7, 2020)


Building a Trust-Based Philanthropy to Shift Power Back to Communities (Stanford Social Innovation Review, November 20, 2020)
Foundations Have Increased Giving and Loosened Restrictions Since Pandemic (Chronicle of Philanthropy, November 12, 2020)
As Giving Tuesday Nears, It’s Time to Drop the Donor-Fatigue Myth – (Chronicle of Philanthropy, November 16, 2020)
Study Finds Large Funders Became More Flexible During COVID-19. Will it Last? – (Inside Philanthropy, November 16, 2020)
Small Donations Make a Big Impact – (Philanthropy Roundtable, November 5, 2020)
Good to Know! Proposals Calling for Regulation of the Philanthropy Sector – (Philanthropy Roundtable, November 2, 2020)
“Infinite Growth Horizon.” Some Higher Ed Funders Are Giving Like It’s 2019 – (Inside Philanthropy, October 23, 2020)
Pandemic Boosts Fundraising at Community Colleges – (Inside Higher Ed, October 19, 2020)
ACS Encourages Health and Fundraising During Pandemic – (Osprey Observer, October 16, 2020)
Colleges’ fundraisers are still finding success, even if it’s not always in dollars – (Buffalo Business First, October 1, 2020)