Annual giving: Strategies to drive growth


Annual giving plays a critical role within our organizational fundraising strategy. It is where we begin cultivating relationships with many of our most significant donors, a key means by which we engage a wide group of our constituents, and how we raise vital discretionary funds. Yet despite the importance of annual giving, it often operates quietly in the background. But in recent years, high-performing institutions have developed innovative new practices that we can all learn from.

This edition of the Playbook “Annual giving: Strategies to drive growth” puts annual giving in the spotlight by featuring a curated selection of GG+A’s and our clients’ most creative thinking in this essential area. Inside the Playbook, you’ll find a number of strategies, including:

  • How to use leadership annual giving to accelerate a donor’s movement through the donor pipeline
  • Lessons nonprofits can learn from the success of GoFundMe and other online crowdfunding platforms
  • Keys to bolstering donor retention

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