Sustaining Support: Strategies for Building
Resilient Donor Pipelines

Are we in a “giving crisis”? It’s a question many have had on their minds since Giving USA released its latest data on the charitable landscape. But giving experts say generosity is still alive and well, and nonprofits must work at connecting with broader groups of people to activate it.  

Across the advancement enterprise, prospect development, donor relations, and stewardship teams continue to collaborate with fundraising leaders to inspire philanthropy. Yet in order to achieve substantial, sustainable fundraising growth, organizations must also develop strong and resilient donor pipelines—identifying and engaging key supporters, deepening their commitment, and strengthening affinity over time. 

In this edition of the GG+A playbook, our consultants explore: 

  • How to develop robust metrics for fundraising performance 
  • Strategies for optimizing your donor relations and stewardship practices 
  • The advantages of establishing a mid-level giving program 

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