To all our friends, colleagues, and loyal clients over many years:

By now, most of you have become aware of our decision at GG+A to join Huron, a publicly traded global consulting firm, based in Chicago, with business activities world-wide. We are delighted to announce to you that this transaction has moved forward and will become official on March 1st. Our team here at GG+A is very excited to be joining Team Huron as a fully intact Advancement enterprise, branded as Huron | GG+A Global Philanthropy. We have worked diligently with our Huron colleagues over the past few months to ensure a seamless transition of services, deliverables, and staffing support for each of our clients. We have more to do in the coming weeks, and we look forward to answering all your questions.

The synergies between our two firms are quite obvious, and substantial. Huron’s footprint in higher education, in healthcare and particularly in academic medical centers, and in a wide range of other nonprofits reaches across many of our client communities. Their work in finance, human resources, strategic planning, and digital transformation provides additional context, resources, and extraordinary alignment with our plans for decisive growth in our global Advancement initiatives—including alumni and constituent strategic engagement, fundraising, communications, digital transformation, and the analytics that have engendered GG+A’s trusted data-driven guidance across its many client relationships.

Our team is excited about this partnership and the growth it will bring. As we move through the coming months, we will reach out to you in many different ways. Let me invite you to communicate with us in turn. Let us know your thoughts, your concerns, and, most especially, what you value most—what are those core values, explicit promises, and key value propositions that convinced you to first choose GG+A as a partner? We would welcome hearing from you.

We are also very pleased to share with all of you that Suzanne Hilser-Wiles, our President, will take on the role of Managing Director and day-to-day leader of Huron | GG+ A Global Philanthropy, providing continuity and leadership for our integrated enterprise. Let me also assure you that Martin Grenzebach and myself will very much remain part of this enterprise, continuing our ongoing engagement with key clients and projects, across every facet of this newly integrated enterprise.

Finally, on behalf of all of us here at GG+A and the many professional colleagues who have partnered with us over the years since John Grenzebach founded the firm in 1961, we are grateful for your trust in us, for your partnership—for some of you, business relationships that span as much as forty years! We are proud of what you have accomplished in advancing your Mission, and we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to serve and support your work over the years. Huron | GG+A Global Philanthropy is well positioned and resourced to continue that work in the coming years. Our Mission will always remain “Advancing Yours.” We look forward to working together in the coming months as this new Advancement enterprise moves forward.

John J. Glier
Chief Executive
Grenzebach Glier and Associates