Our vision is to be the first-choice partner globally for nonprofits seeking substantial and sustainable growth in outreach and engagement, and in the philanthropic support of their missions.


GG+A is a full-service philanthropic management consulting firm with 60 years of industry-defining leadership in helping our clients realize the full potential of their missions through the growth of philanthropic support. Our primary mission is to assist our clients in the substantial improvement and acceleration of their fundraising programs. We seek to align those programs with the institution’s core mission and ensure their sustainability.

GG+A is an international resource for data-driven best practices in all areas of advancement, including fundraising, engagement, communications, and advancement services. We provide counsel to a global constituency of nonprofits, specifically in the areas of higher education, academic medicine/healthcare, independent schools, arts and culture, select humanitarian institutions, and a range of charities and nonprofit organizations.

GG+A embodies a high-performance and entrepreneurial culture. We are client-centric, rigorous, creative, and data-driven in our practices, and committed to responding swiftly and effectively to client needs and requirements. We offer a challenging environment and seek intelligent, energetic, and self-motivated individuals who are achievement-oriented and have high integrity.

Our values

  • Client Focus: Our task is to understand a client’s unique landscape: their purpose, people, resources, leadership, constraints, and the aspirations that drive them.
  • Rigor: The perspective we bring is always evidence-based, grounded in data and in industry-leading best practices.
  • Candor: We deliver forthright evaluation and counsel.
  • Collaboration: Our work is deeply collaborative across every client engagement and among our consulting teams. Our products and services continuously evolve around the challenges and needs of each client, and what their mission requires.
  • Partnership: We build trusted partnerships with each client institution, with its leadership, and with its staff.
  • Action: Our work always provides a roadmap customized to each client’s challenges-pragmatic and pointed toward sustainable growth.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We believe a diversity of perspectives makes our work stronger. We are committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion in our firm, and support it across our client relationships.
  • Excellence: We set the highest standards, and we hold ourselves accountable for the quality of work we deliver.  To help our clients achieve their aspirations, we recruit and retain the very best people.

Code of ethics

Grenzebach Glier & Associates is a long-standing member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and adheres to the AFP’s Code of Ethics.


A Statement to Our Valued Clients and Colleagues:

In June of 2020, GG+A released a statement addressing the systemic racism and silent injustices that persist in American life, as well as our firm’s call to action.

Our challenge

Philanthropy has the remarkable power to transform lives and strengthen civil societies across the globe.

Giving” at all levels, delivered in many different ways, has helped lift families out of poverty, addressed chronic disease, enabled cures, facilitated education across global communities, funded research and learning in every discipline, and strengthened the visual and performing arts. It has also allowed us to tackle many of the intractable problems in this world including climate change, war and peace, food insecurity, urban blight, polluted oceans, refugees and homelessness, entrenched racism and discrimination, and debilitating poverty. In myriad ways philanthropy continues to focus on improving the human predicament, enabling social mobility, fostering equality, partnering with government and all forms of civil society, and building fellowship and understanding across many diverse global communities.

We at GG+A are committed to playing our part, assisting where we are able to build and sustaining the levels of philanthropic support that seek to address these human problems, wherever they might be across the globe.

Our mission

That is why Grenzebach Glier and Associates’ mission is to advance the mission of every nonprofit organization with whom we work, enabling them to build the sustainable philanthropy their work requires. We partner with a broad range of nonprofits, NGOs, educational, medical, and arts organizations as they seek to improve their fundraising programs, align those programs with their core mission, ensure their sustainability, and accelerate and broaden the philanthropic support that enables their impact upon the world.

Nonprofits large and small have chosen to work with GG+A to help them employ best practices, build and strengthen outreach and engagement with their stakeholder communities, and foster increasing levels of philanthropic support for their missions.

We understand your world

GG+A has six decades of experience forging productive relationships with unique institutional cultures and the leaders who make them successful. Our experience, knowledge of philanthropy, the rigor of our data-driven practices, and the lessons gleaned from institutions across a broad range of size, mission, and geography, have enabled us to offer our clients solutions for growing success where possible and meeting challenges where needed.

GG+A’s consultants are eager to partner with you and come from a broad range of institutions and leadership roles. Every project team reflects a diversity of experience and skills, and includes professionals who have helped forge and advise high-performance Advancement programs, and addressed many of the challenges of younger organizations seeking to build growth and impact.

Our commitment

The work of GG+A’s staff is guided by eight key values: client focus; rigor; candor; collaboration; partnership; action; diversity and inclusion; and excellence. Those principles help keep us focused on the right outcomes of every project, and ensure that each client benefits from the insights and perspective of an evolving, dynamic client base. Every client project the firm takes on is driven by our evidence-based work, driven by the discipline of data-driven insights and solutions, and always focused on building a road map to sustainable growth, driven by creative solutions for a changing world and tailored to the unique needs and challenges of every client culture, and its aspirations.

Meet our clients

Since its founding in 1961, GG+A has consulted with more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations in five sectors: higher education, independent schools, academic medicine and healthcare, arts and culture, and the voluntary sector. Our current clients are engaged in fundraising campaigns with a total value of nearly $60 billion, with individual goals ranging from $5 million to more than $6 billion.

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