GG+A’s most valuable asset—by far—is its workforce.

In a consulting firm such as ours, client success rides on the talents of the people we hire: their analytical skills, their problem-solving abilities, their creative yet disciplined thinking, their commitment to deliver superior quality.

Staff at the headquarters office in Chicago are responsible for leading the firm, providing administrative services, and supporting client work. Most of our consultants are based in other cities across North America as well as in England. While geographically dispersed, GG+A team members collaborate closely: sharing knowledge, developing resources, and assembling into project teams to provide custom solutions to our clients.


At GG+A, we put a premium on personal initiative as well as professional acumen. We are looking for people at all stages of their careers who are motivated to do their best work every day to help our mission-driven clients achieve their goals.

If you believe in the transformative potential of philanthropy, we already have a lot in common.

Go ahead . . . drop us a line. No telling what we might achieve together.

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