Transnational University Fundraising In Hong Kong

GG+A has partnered with institutions around the globe helping them build sustainable fundraising and engagement programs that are customized to their institutional and cultural context. To keep pace with constituents scattered throughout the world, an increasing number of universities and other nonprofit institutions are integrating transnational or international fundraising into their advancement programs.

This innovative approach to fundraising is rapidly making a significant impact. Amy Parker, Vice-President, Asia Pacific, has explored this topic through the lens of Hong Kong where she was dedicated to GG+A business in the region for two years.
Hong Kong was one of the first major cities where overseas universities launched transnational programs and continues to serve as a hub for transnational fundraising in Asia today.

This ebook the culmination of a blog series published in seven parts on GG+A’s website from October 2018 through April 2019 and presented in summary form at the CASE Asia Pacific Advancement Conference’s special session on International Advancement in April 2019.

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