Opinion: New Realities for Philanthropy in the Trump Era

For many of us in philanthropy, this feels like a different nation than it did just a few days ago, and the feeling is likely to persist; the United States will certainly undergo profound changes in the years ahead as the presidency of Donald Trump unfolds.

The big question we face is how should philanthropy adapt? Most urgently, it will have to perform triage. The policies pushed by the Trump administration, although we can only guess at them now, will likely have drastic consequences in the realms of women’s health, health care in general, civil rights, environmental protection, and social welfare.

Nonprofits, with support from foundations and other donors, will have their work cut out for them: replacing cut governmental services; helping the most vulnerable navigate the altered landscape; calling out and guarding against violations of rights; monitoring and attempting to beat back the rise of racism, sexism, homophobia and anti-Semitism; and charting the effects of Mr. Trump’s policies and pushing alternate ones.

Read the entire story published in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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