Philanthropy in the Age of Trump: Six Predictions

A few weeks ago I told a friend of mine, jittery about the prospects of a Trump win, to “take an Ambien and call me in November, after you wake up in the second Clinton era.”

I mention that because, clearly, my predictions aren’t worth very much. But, hey, the same goes for so many other people who live in elite coastal bubbles, well insulated from life in the flyover states.

With that caveat out of the way, let’s wonder out loud about what a once-unthinkable Donald J. Trump presidency might mean for philanthropy and the nonprofit sector more broadly. In the runup to the election, we wrote several stories exploring how a Hillary Clinton victory might play out on this front, in which we predicted a golden age of public-private partnerships, along with new high-level access for funders and nonprofits working on women’s and family issues.

So what might a Trump scenario look like? Here are six predictions.

Read the entire story published in Inside Philanthropy.

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