Product Update - DonorScape

Hi, my name is Casey. I’m the new business development associate with DonorScape. If you are a current client, you have or will probably hear from me about your contract renewals. Once a month or so, I’ll be bringing you DonorScape and industry related news on the DonorScape blog. Consider this the first installment!

As you may have heard or noticed, we recently launched a major DonorScape upgrade. Along with this new look comes many new and enhanced features:

  • An intuitive interface
  • Automated and secure delivery of prospect information and results
  • Dependable on time results
  • Instant, individual search
  • Rapid bulk uploads in any format
  • Accessibility from any mobile device
  • Additional integration options with DonorScape’s wealth and philanthropic data
  • Powerful prospect queries that allow you to define your search criteria
  • Presentation ready reports to quickly qualify prospects

More information about these updates is available in previous blogs (DonorScape 3.0 Features; More New Features; Even More New Features). Now that DonorScape is officially up and running, we hope you are pleased with the new look and functionality.

You may have also noticed that our website received an upgrade as well. Everything you need is still there— links to both your DonorScape account and support center, our previous blogs, and information about our products. There is a “Schedule Demo” button, where you can learn how DonorScape works and how it can benefit for your organization. You’ll also find some new things on our website, like client success stories and testimonials, FAQs about the new product, and a chat box, so you can ask questions and get an almost instant response. I help manage the chat— ask me anything about DonorScape. You can also leave your email in the chat box if you don’t need an immediate response, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

All of these new features are based on client suggestions and extensive industry expertise. We are dedicated as ever to giving you the most reliable information and the best user experience on the market. We hope you enjoy the updates as much as we do. And as always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, we are here to help!

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