DonorScape: Reaching Out to Past Donors

DonorScape quickly identifies top donor prospects for efficient fundraising, but this particular blog post is not about how much to ask for. It’s an industry question on reconnecting with past or lapsed donors. I am putting in my two cents by drawing on my volunteer background.

DonorScape lets organizations refresh their previously screened donors, so even if it has been a while since someone was screened, frontline fundraisers and prospect researchers can still approach these donors with accurate information. You can be sure you’re making the right ask now that you have trustworthy insights into the updated gift potential.

It can be difficult to determine the most compelling messaging to re-engage past donors after some time has passed without communication. Precise donor information; content and tone, less so. Start with an interesting email subject line:

Where have you been? We miss you…
It’s been a while, come see what’s new
While you’ve been away…

Once your donor opens your email, what’s next? Provide a new and useful piece of information. Renew interest in your organization by illustrating where your donor’s past gift went, and the specific worthwhile achievement attached to it. Organization success story pieces follow a donation to its meaningful end and place the donor at the center of the narrative. Email messaging is an effective, direct way to announce an upcoming event your organization is producing.

If your organization has nothing going on, no success stories, and no new developments, what are you even doing? I’m kidding- sort of. If all new initiatives are still in the works, be forthright with your donors about your intention to reconnect. “Why are you calling today?” you may be asked. If you’re struggling to answer, it may not be time for you to reach out just yet.

“We’re planning a new resource center for campus.”
“We’re trying to reach our goal of 10,000 spays/neuters this year.”
“We’re producing a children’s opera to inspire their interest in this form of art.”
“We’re trying to update all the computer equipment on campus.”
“We’re restoring a series of famous artworks.”

It is hard to reconstruct the momentum of regular communication with past or lapsed donors, but a clear, strong intention will drive the conversation and hopefully compel the lapsed donor to give once again.

Happy re-screening and good luck,

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