Alumni Relations and Development: To Integrate or Not to Integrate (Some Say Yes, Some Say Not Yet)

In an era of declining and stagnant alumni giving rates and finite institutional financial and human resources, more and more colleges, schools, and universities have considered formally integrating their alumni relations program with their development program. But others have resisted this trend. Some schools argue that to increase alumni giving at all levels and to increase broad-based engagement, alumni relations should be seen as partners and players in the work done by the development side of the house. Other schools, however, believe that maintaining separate teams is the only way to improve the base of donors and engaged alumni who will ultimately support the institution in the future.

Chris Marshall, former Senior Vice President, Alumni Relations, presented with Shane Dunn, Managing Director, Strategic Growth and Development, Excel Academy Public Charter Schools, at CASE District 1 and District 2 conferences. Click here to view the presentation.

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