Hispanic Heritage Month: Reyna Hernandez Q&A

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re celebrating members of our own GG+A team in the Latinx community and sharing ways their cultural identities enrich their lives and work. This week, meet Reyna Hernandez!

Reyna Hernandez, Executive Assistant for the Office of the President at GG+A 

What is your cultural heritage? What country (or countries) do you and your family originate from?  

Mexico & U.S./Puerto Rico

How long have you been in Chicago?  

I grew up in Chicago until I was about 10 years old. I lived in Ravenswood. I then moved to Northwest Indiana where I reside now.

What helps keep you connected to your heritage and culture? 

Maintaining family traditions and cultural traditions. Also, always bonding and cooking our favorite cultural foods. Some of my family traditions that I continue to do are celebrate Mexican Independence Day, Day of the Dead, Noche Buena (Christmas Eve), Navidad (Christmas Day), and Fin de Ano (New Year’s Eve). On these holidays my family on both sides gets together under one household and celebrates as a whole.

How does your heritage influence the work you do? 

It influences my work by reminding me to always remain true to who I am and reminding me what my presence brings to help others – being a hard worker, engaging in other groups that speak English and/or Spanish, and accomplishing my goals for my family.

How does your cultural heritage shape your perspective and how you interact with those outside of the Latinx community? 

Well, being Latinx I was always raised on certain beliefs, behaviors, and values that are molded around my family. So, when I interact with those outside the Latinx community, I do my best to ensure that those around me get treated the same as if they were family and share my beliefs and values. I think it is very important to express who you are while staying true to your roots.

Learn more about Reyna and her role at GG+A. 

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