June Pride Month 2023- Friends For All

GG+A believes in the remarkable power of philanthropy to transform lives, enable social civility, foster equality, and build fellowship and understanding across many diverse global communities. We are proud to partner with organizations -big and small- who share that belief and whose missions and values work toward those aims. As we close our celebration of Pride month, we are honored to partner with Friends for All in its efforts to break the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS, and to provide extraordinary care for the LGBTQ+ community in the greater-Memphis area. 



Having started in the mid 1980s by friends, united by their shared mission to help their friends pass away from AIDS with dignity, Friends For All has grown tremendously and now stands resolute as a pillar of support for numerous communities in the Memphis area. Now focused on HIV prevention in addition to care, FFA is also determined to remind each guest that they are not defined by their diagnosis and deserve dignity in all aspects of life. From providing access to laundry services and showers, a Food Bank to fight food insecurity, and to offering computers for career applications, Friends for All goes above and beyond to ensure that each guest experiences care that positions them for the greatest sustainable success in the future. In fact, the organization will soon be introducing a new 6000 square foot, state-of-the-art clinic in the heart of Memphis which will enable them to serve more guests than ever before, broadening their impact on the community overall. 

Friends For All’s unwavering vision is to cultivate an inclusive community where HIV is fearlessly discussed, liberated from the shadows of shame and judgement. They acknowledge the profound roots and far-reaching impact of the epidemic, tirelessly advocating for healthy living habits that empower those living with HIV to prevent new cases and help those fighting HIV to conquer their diagnosis.   

By breaking down barriers, fostering compassion, and instilling hope, Friends For All has had an immeasurable impact on countless lives. Through its relentless pursuit of dignity, equality, and acceptance, Friends for All continues to pave the way for a future where everyone can flourish, regardless of their diagnosis, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.   

When we say our mission is advancing yours, it’s missions like Friends For All’s that motivates us as a firm every day to provide counsel to passionate organizations who touch their communities in a profound way. We are honored that Friends For Life entrusted GG+A to guide them through their transformation, and we look forward to being close partners with their team for many years to come. 

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