Read Our Most Popular Articles in GG+A’s Quarterly Thought Leadership Round-Up 

Read Our Most Popular Articles in GG+A’s Quarterly Thought Leadership Round-Up 

Explore key insights on major, principal, and planned giving in our top three articles from the third quarter. 

3. How to Build a Planned Giving Culture – and Why You Should

by Laura Simic, Vice President

Delayed gratification is like planting seeds today and patiently waiting for them to grow into fruit-bearing trees so someday you can bake an apple pie. However, with an eye concurrently on today and on the future, you can build a culture that supports planned giving and secure the financial sustainability of your organization. 

Planned Giving

2. Three Essentials for a High-Performing Principal Gift Team

by Mike Levine, Vice President

Principal gift fundraising is a team sport, and regardless of the size of your team, having the right roles and strategy can help your institution attract its largest gifts ever.   

 1. Keys to Developing a High-Value Fundraising Programme: Insights for Global Organisations

by Ian Wilson, Senior Vice President, UK and Europe

It may seem that charitable organisations receiving gifts of this magnitude must simply have remarkable fundraising talent, extensive connections, or perhaps better luck than everyone else. In actuality, there are several keys to developing high-value fundraising programmes that help organisations draw significant levels of philanthropic support.  


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