Hispanic Heritage Month: Clara Henao Q&A

All month long we’re celebrating members of our GG+A team with Hispanic heritage and the ways they enrich our workplace and community. This week, meet our Marketing Analyst, Clara Henao! 

Clara Henao, Marketing Analyst 

What is your cultural heritage? (What country do you or your family originate from?) 


What helps keep you connected to your heritage and culture?  

I grew up in a culture where family, friends and traditions come naturally to us. I like to stay connected to my heritage by spending time with my friends in Chicago, who feel like family, celebrating our special days together. For instance, if someone got a new job or ran a half-marathon, we gather and have dinner together to celebrate them. We tend to commemorate our accomplishments as much as those of others, and that’s something I feel proud of about my heritage. 

How does your heritage influence the work you do? 

I feel my heritage has a big influence on how I interact with others in the work environment by helping me value the different perspectives my team members may have. In marketing, it is important to understand consumer behaviors and decision-making drivers to better communicate with your audience and create long-lasting relationships. I find myself approachable, friendly, and interested in our individual and common goals. 

How does your cultural heritage shape your perspective and how you interact with those outside of the Hispanic/Latinx community? 

Over the years, I have become a much more culturally aware person who appreciates the dynamic values and beliefs of other cultures. I love learning from different perspectives and enjoy contributing my heritage, which is one of the things I am most proud of. It feels good to represent a culture full of beauty, love, family, and hard work. 

What is your favorite dish from your culture? Are there any places in Chicago you would recommend that serve it? 

My favorite place in Chicago when I’m craving Colombian dishes is Aikana, a Pan-American inspired restaurant located in West Loop.  

Learn more about Clara and her role at GG+A. 

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