Alumnus pledges £10m to The London School of Economics and Political Science for new centre dedicated to Africa

LSE alumnus Firoz Lalji has pledged £10 million to endow the new Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa (a part of the Institute of Global Affairs), which is dedicated to teaching, research, and engagement with Africa and the continent’s scholars. The endowment comes from the Lalji Family Foundation, which has previously given transformative gifts of £13 million to LSE from Najma, Farah, and Natasha Lalji.

Since its inception in 1895, LSE has been involved with Africa and African issues, continuously providing education and training to several prominent African leaders and intellectuals. Firoz Lalji, businessman and philanthropist, is an LSE economics graduate who likewise has always promoted scholarship and engagement with Africa.

Currently, there are more than 130 LSE scholars whose work involves Africa, coming from many different departments, including anthropology, economics, geography, health, international relations, politics, and social psychology.

Image: Photo from LSE news article.

Read the entire story published in the LSE news and media.

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