Drexel University Featured in Gates Foundation Case Study

Drexel University is the subject of a new case study, recently published by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, on transformational change in higher education.

The case study is one in a series of “institutional snapshots” that identify best-practice models for successful change in higher education.

Drexel University, whose main campus is located in the heart of Philadelphia, was profiled for its “strategies to drive the pursuit of student success,” initiated in 2010 by Drexel President John Fry. Those strategies include:

  • a focus on students’ point of view
  • new budgeting and financial aid policies
  • a longstanding co-op program that makes work placements for students part of the degree structure
  • structures for giving faculty stronger voices, and
  • a commitment to building a local pipeline of low-income and first-generation students.

To learn how these strategies are transforming the lives of Drexel University’s students–and the surrounding community–read the full case study on the Gates Foundation website.

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