Bucknell University Campaign Exceeds $500 Million Goal

‘WE DO’, the campaign for Bucknell University, launched in October 2012 and has now concluded after shattering expectations. The campaign concluded with a landmark gift of $30 million from alums Ken and Elaine Langone. This gift in particular will enhance financial aid for students and is in addition to a $10 million anonymous pledge the Langone’s made earlier in the campaign. “The response from alumni, parents and other supporters has been heartwarming and heartfelt. Those emotions and that legacy will continue long past this campaign,” said Holmes, the campaign chairman. “WE DO has strengthened the sense of community among Bucknellians and instilled an even greater pride in the University.”

To read the full story, visit Bucknell UniversityArticle originally published on 7.01.17. Photo credit: Michael Caruso, Flickr.

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