St. Joseph's University Receives the Largest Gift in its 166-year History

James and Frances Maguire have gifted $50 million to St. Joseph’s University. The gift is the largest single gift in the history of the University and will significantly raise the University’s endowment, which in turn will support generous scholarships and financial aid to students. Mark Reed, President of SJU, lauded, “SJU has bold intentions and a vision to expand our reach and raise our profile regionally and nationally. To do so requires all of us associated with SJU to think and dream big, and to stretch to support our ambitions. Jim and Frannie Maguire have set the bar high for us all to follow, and I am so grateful to them for their past and present support and the impact they have made on our students, faculty, and campus.”

To read the full story, visit St. Joseph’s UniversityArticle originally published on 7.20.17. Photo credit: Aimée Knight, Flickr.

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