Michael Bloomberg gives $300 million to Hopkins for U.S. health initiative

Businessman and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has given the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health $300 million to focus on five challenges the school’s experts say are contributing to a decline in Americans’ life expectancy.

The gift, which coincides with the school’s 100th anniversary, is the largest donation ever made to the school, and the first to focus solely on domestic health challenges, rather than the global illnesses, such as HIV and malaria, on which the school has made its mark.

The gift brings Bloomberg’s total donations to Johns Hopkins institutions to $1.5 billion. The media magnate earned a bachelor’s degree at the university in 1964.

The $300 million is to fund new faculty positions and fellowships, research and scholarships as part of the Bloomberg American Health Initiative.

Read the entire story published in The Baltimore Sun.

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