University of Leeds reaches £60 million goal in Making a World of Difference campaign

On February 28, the University of Leeds announced that the Making a World of Difference campaign has reached its £60 million goal. The campaign was launched in 2010, but not officially announced until 2013. This campaign is the university’s first major fundraising effort since 1920, and it looks like it has paid off.

The campaign goal was reached with the help of more than 14,000 donors who pledged from £10 to £10 million, and everything in between. In addition to tapping into their committed alumni base, the University of Leeds successfully engaged the Yorkshire community and others to encourage them donate. The university has been an invaluable community partner and has touched the lives of many people in the UK and beyond, which garnered attention and donation to the campaign.

Although the fundraising work is not done yet (in fact, when is it ever, really?), the Making a World of Difference campaign is already positioning the university to attract talented students with scholarships for undergraduate and graduate degree candidates; to conduct crucial medical and scientific research; to advance the arts and creative expression; to establish scholarships for student entrepreneurs and their businesses; to invigorate campus culture with a new Leeds University Union building; to promote academic persuit with the newly built Laidlaw Library; and to support the community with welfare projects.

Upon reaching this impressive threshold, the University of Leeds declared that this campaign will be extended with a new £100 million goal set for 2020.

Read more about the campaign on the Making a World of Difference page.

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