GG+A Webinar: Strategic Planning for Your Strategic Plan

GG+A Webinar: Strategic Planning for Your Strategic Plan

Presented by:

Scott Atwell, Senior Vice President, Grenzebach Glier and Associates

Barney Ellis-Perry, Senior Vice President, Grenzebach Glier and Associates

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GG+A’s alumni engagement team knows what it’s like to lead volunteer boards—and professional staff—toward a common, metrics-based strategic outcome. Join Senior Vice President’s Scott Atwell and Barney Ellis-Perry in this interactive webinar as they walk through the critical steps of strategic planning, featuring a broad-based curriculum with relevance to any non-profit leader (but especially alumni relations teams).

Are you…

  • Seeking ways to articulate success and ROI?
  • Working with a board that favors tactics over strategy?
  • Uncertain of where to focus resources?
  • Living with ineffective mission and vision statements?
  • Anticipating a new campaign or critical strategy?
  • Going through leadership change?

Participants will…

  • Learn the individual steps of strategic planning
  • Realize the power of mission, vision and values
  • Discover the necessity of an environmental scan
  • Learn the components of a strategic goal driven by metrics
  • Incorporate design thinking with strategy
  • Turn a strategic plan into a work plan
  • Understand how to complement development colleagues

We would like the opportunity to learn more about the challenges and opportunities you’re facing, and we invite you to contact us at satwell@grenzglier.com or bellis-perry@grenzglier.com, or by calling (312) 372-4040.

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