10 years of UK fundraising data: What it taught us

In late 2018 and early 2019, GG+A reviewed 10 years’ worth of fundraising data from six leading UK universities and interviewed their Directors of Development to get at the stories behind the numbers. The result is a series of fascinating insights into what has worked and what hasn’t worked, and into the challenges that have been overcome and challenges that remain.

In this webinar, “10 years of UK fundraising data and what it taught us,” GG+ A’s Vice President Adrian Salmon and Senior Vice President Chris Begley present the highlights of the data and suggest key strategies that institutions might use to ensure successful and sustainable fundraising in the 2020s.


GG+A consultants

Adrian Salmon Adrian Salmon

Chris Begley

Among the questions addressed:

  • What have the trends been in fundraising income and investment?
  • How are institutions tackling the perennial issue of talent?
  • How are these leading institutions looking to the future?

Download the slide deck here.

[Webinar] Recording:

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