Closing Out; Setting Up: What Independent School Fundraisers Need To Do Now

Are you on track to achieve FY22 goals? What are you doing now to ensure meeting FY23 goals? Where did philanthropic revenue come from in the past year, and where will it come from in the year ahead? How are you using and analyzing data from this year to inform behavior next year? What are the external factors that may affect FY23 fundraising practices and outcomes in schools? GG+A independent school experts Mary Carrasco, Elizabeth Kolb Farr, Jim McKey, and Christen Wilson in a webinar dedicated to the challenges and opportunities in closing out FY22 and setting up your school successfully for FY23. Mary, Liz, Jim, and Christen shared their expertise, firsthand accounts from work with clients, and practical advice to help you finish a successful FY22 and prepare for a record-breaking FY23.

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