'How we kept fundraising going in a pandemic' webinar with John T. Rogers of Penn Charter

GG+A’s Independent Schools practice recently hosted a webinar highlighting how one school, William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, decided to continue fundraising during the pandemic.

In “How We Kept Fundraising Going in the Pandemic,” Penn Charter’s Chief Development Officer John T. Rogers shares his experiences from the earliest days of the pandemic forward. In conversation with Jim McKey, GG+A Senior Vice President and Independent Schools Practice Area Leader, John discusses how he kept his program’s focus on donor-centered communication and activity while making progress on the school’s biggest campaign ever.

To hear how Penn Charter engaged alumni to become lead donors and the critical role played by the head of school in that engagement, watch a recording of our June 3, 2020, webinar below.

How We Kept Fundraising Going in the Pandemic

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