How a top university with a lean advancement team is managing during a pandemic webinar

Like many universities, Rice University has focused on its commitment to students in its fundraising during the pandemic, but what’s next for this university?

In this webinar, GG+A President Suzanne Hilser-Wiles and Kathi Dantley Warren, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations at Rice University, explore how Rice is building on its strength in science, reaching out to its international community of students and alumni, and tackling goals for next year.

Hear how Rice launched a COVID-19 research fund, how it has become more nimble in responding to new engagement opportunities, and how it plans to stoke the fires of its new connections.

Kathi also shares how she is guiding her team during this difficult time.

“In this case where our foe is microscopic … it requires us leaders to be less like generals and more like shepherds,” she says. “So I’m trying to incorporate myriad guidance … to shepherd my group safely and in good health—mentally and physically—and with a focus on our mission into the next iteration of our fundraising program and wherever that leads. ”

To hear more of Kathi’s insights, watch our webinar:

“How a Top University with a Lean Advancement Team is Managing During the Pandemic” 


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