The why of data governance webinar

Most organizations think of data governance as just another thing to do, or as a roadblock to getting work done. Instead, it should be seen as an enabler that supports organizational business priorities and metrics. Done with intention and thoughtfulness, data governance can be phased in to any size organization to turn data into a deep organizational asset.

In this GG+A webinar, The Why of Data Governance, learn from Richard Geiger, GG+A Senior Vice President of Philanthropic Analytics, what data governance is and how to assess, implement, and engage in its principals. No matter the size of your operation, data governance has a role.

This webinar provides a focus on:

  • why data governance is important
  • its place within an organization
  • the components that make up data governance
  • considerations for phasing, and
  • the impact that it has on organizational metrics and analytics
The Why of Data Governance

DonorScape: The Why of Data Governance? from Grenzebach Glier + Associates on Vimeo.

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