The University of Virginia balances a campaign and virtual alumni engagements during the COVID-19 pandemic

John Glier, GG+A CEO, and Mark Luellen, Vice President for Advancement at University of Virginia, spoke about the complexities of an advancement program spanning across a large university and its approach to fundraising and its ambitious campaign during COVID-19. With a unique hybrid advancement structure, Mark emphasized that they have remained focused on communication and collaboration. The university’s campaign has continued its momentum through dedicated campaign leadership and volunteers, even during the uncertainty. The pivot to virtual events and programs have engaged its alumni and friends in unique ways. “We have learned about the importance of authenticity and deep relationships. Are we doing enough in this virtual environment? We have a greater emphasis on strategy and not just tactics.” To hear about UVA advancement’s program, how it has adjusted, and lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, please listen to the recording here:


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