Using donor insight to design regular giving products

In this webinar, GG+A’s Dan Lowman and Adrian Salmon walk through SurveyLab’s  DX – Donor Experience Dashboard surveys designed for UK and European institutions. The data gleaned from these surveys shed light on the factors that motivate donors. These concrete examples demonstrated survey research, message and visual testing, and straightforward analysis, which guided and enhanced regular giving results. Dan and Adrian shared their insights into the survey and the kinds of questions to ask donors to reveal perspectives to inform regular giving decisions. With this kind of data, advancement professionals can create relevant messaging that reaches their donors. To learn more, listen to the recording here:


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About the authors

Dan Lowman

Senior Vice President, SurveyLab

Dan Lowman is Senior Vice President & Director of GG+A’s SurveyLab. Dan created SurveyLab as a division within GG+A in 2016 and since that time he has overseen hundreds of surveys for all types of nonprofit organizations. SurveyLab has become the industry’s gold standard for research into charitable giving intent,…

Adrian Salmon

Vice President

 Adrian Salmon, Vice President, GG+A Europe, brings 20 years of direct-marketing fundraising experience in the higher education, arts and culture, and wider nonprofit spheres. His particular expertise includes digital engagement and stewardship, direct mail fundraising, annual giving program management, and management of contributions from integrated mail and online appeals.…