DonorScape Update: Capturing Household Giving Capacity Data

In addition to the many valuable new features in DonorScape 3.0, we are excited to announce that Acxiom demographic data are now an included component of all DonorScape subscriptions.

What is Acxiom?

Acxiom is a global consumer data provider that ethically sources and develops its data using hundreds of different information sources. The household-level demographic data now included with DonorScape subscriptions will provide a greater context for evaluating gift capacity.

While most of DonorScape’s data focuses specifically on elite individuals, not all of an organization’s donors can be high net worth major gift prospects. Acxiom data identifies the demographics of not only the upper crust, but the average person as well.

Examples of Acxiom data points include:

  • Individual Demographics: age, gender, occupation
  • Household Characteristics: household size, number/ages of children
  • Financials: estimated household income, home ownership
  • Life Events: marital status, presence of children, home and vehicle purchase

How can Acxiom data benefit your organization?

The addition of supplemental data such as age and estimated household income closes information gaps. This additional information is also key to a more holistic understanding an organization’s constituency, and it decreases the number of prospects that would have previously been unable to rate due to insufficient public wealth data.

DonorScape uses premium public data sources that tend to focus on affluent individuals with major stock holdings, board affiliations, or at least real estate ownership. That’s important information when doing major gifts work, but the fact of the matter is not everyone can be an SEC insider.

With Acxiom, we now have much more data available on your average, everyday prospects who make up a significant and essential portion of the donor pyramid. Though they are not making major gifts, they are choosing your organization over others—and that alone is a valuable data point. With this information available to help you better understand donor behaviors and preferences, you can more effectively steward and retain donors.

Happy *more informative than ever* screening!


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