Survey: Pace of remote donor meetings picks up, as do hiring freezes and budget cuts

Nonprofit organizations are becoming increasingly comfortable with remote activity and making an array of changes to cope with the evolving COVID-19 pandemic situation, according to the latest results of GG+A SurveyLab’s weekly tracking of fundraising offices during the crisis. The survey is now in its third week.

  • Most respondents continue to predict a very substantial negative impact to fundraising over the next 30 and 60 days, though sentiment has improved slightly over last week.
  • Organizations appear to be growing more comfortable with virtual interaction with donors—61% have transitioned some or all donor meetings to remote platforms, and 25% say they have moved some or all events to virtual events.
  • Half of respondents report hiring freezes and/or budget cuts and controls, though salary cuts, furloughs, and layoffs are not widespread.

In addition to questions regarding sentiment, the Week 3 survey now includes new questions about steps and tactics underway at different organizations, and one new question inviting respondents to share uplifting stories about their experience during this difficult time. You can find their responses beginning on page 35 in the appendix.

Download the full report here.


Based on input from 613 organizations, GG+A SurveyLab is conducting a weekly tracking survey of fundraising offices to provide data for the industry to understand trends and conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. This report contains data collected through an online survey conducted March 30 to April 5. These data points are compared to data collected over the previous two weeks, March 23-29 and March 16-22.

If you would like to participate in the tracking survey and have not received an invitation, please email surveylab@grenzglier.com. We encourage you to share the report with colleagues.

The full report includes detailed breakouts for each question in the survey, comparison tables by week and organization type, and extensive verbatim comments with creative ideas, status updates, concerns, and solutions from fundraisers around the world.

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