Survey: Fundraising outlook darkens while offices go fully remote

Most nonprofit organizations have moved to a fully remote development office this week, according to results from a SurveyLab weekly tracking of fundraising offices during the COVID-19 pandemic. The outlook for fundraising has darkened week over week, with nearly all of the current week’s respondents predicting a very substantial impact to fundraising over the next 30 and 60 days. Beyond 60 days, respondents are reporting considerable uncertainty, with the pace of cancelations for events, donor visits, and solicitations increasing.

The full report includes detailed breakouts for each question in the survey, comparison tables by week and organization type, and extensive verbatim comments from participants that highlight creative ideas, status updates, concerns, and solutions from fundraisers around the world.

Download the full report here.


GG+A SurveyLab is conducting a weekly tracking survey of fundraising offices to provide data for the industry to understand trends and conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. This report contains data collected through an online survey conducted March 23-29. These data points are compared to data collected the previous week, March 16-22. In all, 412 organizations have participated.

If you would like to participate in the tracking survey and have not received an invitation, please email surveylab@grenzglier.com. We encourage you to share the report with colleagues.

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