Our Top 5 Thought Leadership Articles of 2022

Our Top 5 Thought Leadership Articles of 2022 

As a data-driven firm, we pay close attention to the numbers in our work with clients, as well as in developing thought leadership to help our readers strengthen their teams and programs. Here are the most popular insights and articles our team of experts developed this year. Be sure to add them to your reading list: 

5. How to Align Big Ideas with Your Institutional Mission

High-level donors look at philanthropy as an investment and need to be presented with big ideas to inspire them to give. Without concrete, inspirational propositions and a connection to the institutional mission, the ask feels more like a handout than an investment in a problem the donor is passionate about solving. Too often, this leads to donors giving below their capacity. 


4. Engaging Donors of Color: Considerations for Racially and Ethnically Diversifying Your Institution’s Donor Base

It is no secret that America is experiencing a remarkable demographic shift, in which the percentage of white Americans is shrinking as the share of those who identify as non-white continues to grow. This data alone points to the necessity of engaging donors of color. So why is it that white Americans remain over-represented in philanthropy?   


3. Give Donors What They Want: How to Incorporate Incentives, Benefits, and Thank Yous

Gifts of appreciation for a donor or member’s generosity can be a nice gesture. And they’re also a strategic way to increase engagement over time, especially for arts and culture organizations and institutions of higher education. Whether you’re trying to get new members or donors in the door, or retain them after the first year, you may have considered implementing an incentive program, member benefits, or other ways to say, “thank you.” 


2. How Advancement Leaders Can Engage More Women Donors

As women’s share of national wealth grows and their impact on the world of philanthropy increases, advancement professionals in higher education must reevaluate their donor prospect and engagement strategies that, even today, are still too focused on the male perspective. The opportunity and untapped potential of women donors should be motivation enough for a fresh approach. 


1. Are Giving Days Over? Not if You’re Doing Them Right

Giving days offer the most value to institutions by rallying the entire community together around a common goal and creating a sense of urgency for both existing and new donors to take action. Even for the skeptic who says they would never give to their alma mater, it is difficult to avoid the magnetic pull of a well-executed day of giving. 


For more information on any of these topics, or if you need help applying any of these strategies to your institution, please contact our team. And follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news and thought leadership from GG+A. 

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